"The task before every lover of the country is how to reconstruct the villages of India so that it may be easy for anyone to live in them as it is supposed to be in the cities." - Mahatma Gandhi, Harijan, 7-3-1936

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SwaNigamit = Self Corporatised

Who We Are

CFM is a grassroots project implementing agency working in agriculture and water sector. Over the years we have delivered large scale projects in communities across India for GAIL(India) Limited, BHEL, PRCL, Ford Foundation, Sir Dorab ji TATA Trust, Government of Bihar, Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat.

What We Found Out

In India, Panchayats awards have proved that progressive Panchayats have developed due to orientation, ambition and skill of Sarpanch. CFM’s experience among rural communities over the past 10 years has seen that Panchayats play an important role in bridging the gap for economic and social development of the communities. In the recently published Sumit Bose Committee report, the need for hiring CEOs at Panchayat level has been highlighted.

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What We Seek to Implement

There is wide potential of utilizing the human and locally available resources in social enterprise model to learn and earn at community level with Panchayat being the facilitator/mentor. Through the scientifically selected process of finding Cluster Development Executive (CDE) of SwaNigamit Panchayat, equipping them with right tools and technology, the model seeks to provide ease of doing business at community level to truly uplift the spirit of Make in India- to Make in Villages of India.

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Creation of the Panchayat 'Office'

Job Description

The road map for creating offices of the Panchayat across India

Selection Process

Corporatising the Panchayats, one man at a time

Current Openings

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Enquiry Form about Job Application