April 22, 2016

His Idea - Our Mission

"The task before every lover of the country is how to reconstruct the villages of India so that it may be easy for anyone to live in them as it is supposed to be in the cities."

- Mahatma Gandhi, Harijan, 7-3-1936


CFM has embarked on an ambitious project towards economic empowerment of Panchayats in India through the model of Swa Nigamit Panchayat. CFM is helping build Self Corporatised Panchayats, which can sustain their operations through their own revenues and earnings. In the first phase of implementation CFM has identified 300 panchayats across 5 states to work with and unlock their value.


Giving impetus to entrepreneurship, creating opportunities and upgrading aspirations of a village is best understood by the village representatives. However, due to lack of information, insufficient documentation and support staff at Panchayat level; even with funds from Government of India, projects don’t take off. This on one hand leads to distress migration and unemployed/disguised employed youth and on the other hand leads to unutilised funds in Government coffers.


Swa Nigamit Panchayat is a model of economic development that hand-holds the villagers, providing them with knowledge and skills to develop sustainable enterprises and information related to agriculture, law and finance. A dynamic supply chain is being created in every village.


Each Panchayat is alloted a Community Development Coordinator from CFM who facilitates training, provision of raw material, seed banks, improves processes, packaging, logistics and actively works on certifications and funding activities. The Coordinator is the point of contact for local mandis, markets, state administration, academics and other stake holders.


Swa Nigamit Panchayats aim to regulate market structures leading to lesser exploitation of bottom most supplier and economically liberated Panchayats: Of the people, For the People, By the People.