March 3, 2017

Science that they can use; knowledge that is relevant

In the first phase of Ambuj Abha Stars (AAS), we are focussing on Science in schools. Our aim is to build a strong foundation for children by ensuring they not only speak and write about science but also through simple life models truly understand the concepts.

The current situation of science education in our country is dismal. With emphasis on rote learning and limited experiments, children don't have the chance to truly understand and fall in love with the subject. This is especially true in rural India where good schools and teachers are hard to come by. AAS seeks to remedy this situation by bringing science books to life with demo models and activity kits. We seek to ignite their interest in science with comic books, acitivities, posters and train teachers to make learning experiential and fun.

AAS’ Knowledge Partner: Life-Lab

Learning Is Fun & Experiential (LIFE) Lab envisions a world where each child enjoys learning and cultivates a scientific attitude. They create simple products that spark creativity and improve problem-solving skills of children. Life-Lab also devises effective processes that enhance knowledge, skills, and mind-sets of teachers.

Life-Lab has a cumulative 4 years of experience in working with more than 200 schools and 40,000 children across 9 states. Their interventions have led to an increment of 42.3 % in children's science scores (in their school exams) and behavioural change in 65 % teachers to adopt Inquiry Based Learning in classrooms.