November 30, 2017

Swa-Nigamit FAQs

  1. Who is implementing the project?

CFM (Community Friendly Movement) is a grassroots programe implementing agency working with rural communities across India to strengthen natural resources, establish resource chains and provide knowledge inputs through technology dissemination, training, process improvement and value add to farm produce. The main areas of focus have been promoting scientific agriculture practice, skill development, application of rural technologies, environment and water management and above all working in line with Govt. policy for making farmers income double in next five years.

  1. What is SwaNigamit Panchayat?

SwaNigamit Panchayat is a model in which a Panchayat is capable of income generation through its internal resources and become self-reliant.

  1. How does SwaNigamit work?

The entry of SwaNigamit Panchayat provides support for revenue generation through supply of quality inputs, marketing of village output creating livelihood opportunities in agriculture and allied activities, providing support through Gram Panchayat by using Software/ mobile app which will be develop to consolidate the community demand including, Soil health, Animal health, Human health, Digital health etc. This will be delivered through village level Entrepreneurs (VLEs).

  1. Why is this project being undertaken?

The services under the project in beginning are pertaining to facilitating people through technical support.

  1. How can I apply for this project?

For the present pilot project residents of U.P can apply through the link/http://www.swanigamitpanchayat..(e.g).

  1. Is it a short term or long term job?

It is a long term job and will exist as long as one intends to serve.

  1. How is the project linked to the Panchayat?

There is no formal linkage with Gram Panchayat office of the project as on date. But the project will work within the Gram Panchayat area for the people with the support of the community.

  1. Who will be the target beneficiaries of the project?

It will include all the members of the community, Women, Youth, Children and Farmers.

  1. What is the sustainability of this project?

GP will be able to mobilized common interest groups/farmers at the village level and build common interest groups to plan and implement product specific cluster/ commercial crop cycles; strengthen farmer capacity through agricultural and allied best practices for enhanced productivity. Panchayat will provide quality inputs and services for intensive agriculture enhancing cluster competitiveness; and facilitate access to fair & remunerative markets include linking common interest groups to sales and marketing opportunities. These activities will generate a permanent source of revenue for GP.

  1. What is the expected outcome of this project?

It seeks to overcome poverty and provide decent livelihoods. By supporting their livelihoods and helping them to develop their skills we aim to make a real difference in their standard of living and self-esteem. Trade is a powerful engine of economic growth and at the same time it can also fuel massive inequalities. Hence we aim to help rural communities to strengthen their business and production skills, learning to access local, regional and world markets for their products, helping them to make their livelihoods sustainable into the future.

  1. What are the growth opportunities?

The project aims to enhance revenue generation of Panchayat for economic growth and self-reliance. By maximizing the utilization of available natural, human, social and financial resources through networking/channelizing various input and output products.