April 17, 2016
“Anhad Gram - A village without boundaries” finds its bearings in the fact that at the heart of all villages lies simple requirements that are common in rural India. By living and working together, putting economic values to practice for creating a sustainable future for humanity and nature, we seek to reduce urban migration and slum formation in the cities. Anhad Gram is a model built on three pillars of modern India: Trade, Information and Entrepreneurship.

Organic Farming

CFM has worked with over 500 villages in Bihar, Jharkhand, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Gujarat and Uttarakhand in the last ten years. The areas of focus have been: Reducing input cost, Value add to farm/village produce and Educating farmers on modern agriculture practices.

CFM team has actively been working on promotion and certification for natural/organic farming practices in these villages. Our team trains farmers in organic methods of farming, offers them access to modern and simple farming equipment, bio fertilizers, community based irrigation systems and supports farmer groups through certification process. CFM works especially with small and marginalised farmer groups through small interventions that improve farm productivity like vermin composting, integrated nutrient and pest management. Furthermore, we also help them build direct market linkages that strengthen the local farmer groups.

2,500 acres under CFM management

1,00,00,000 Worth of Vermin compost made and distributed

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Animal Husbandry

CFM has been working at development of micro enterprises to promote dairy, poultry, goatry and fisheries. CFM has set up superior stall feeding techniques and held breed improvement programmes. We have taught villagers better fodder management and basic vet services to help rear animals better. CFM has also worked at raising people's awareness for conservation of native breeds of birds and cows.

10,000 day-old chicks distributed

3,000 litres milk collection capacity installed

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Community Welfare

CFM has also been working at improving the living conditions in Indian villages. We have installed several IHHL/Bio Toilets, built drainage systems, treated water to ensure access to safe drinking water, created pucca homes for the homeless and created permanent infrastructure such as Panchayat Bhawan, CRTC, Renewable Energy/ Solar Lightening sources.

We have also been trying to improve the lives of the women by teaching them various occupational skills, setting up and promoting the use of briquettes as smokeless fuel that also doesn't damage their health unlike traditional cooking methods; and production and propagation of low-cost sanitary napkins.

800 IHHL/Bio Toilets installed

1,00,000 bio waste briquettes made