Who We Are

December 1, 2017
Who We Are

Based on the last 12 years of work we at CFM have launched Mission SwaNigamit (self- corporatized) Panchayat towards creating livelihood opportunities at Panchayat level across India.

By leveraging our project implementing strength, digital and rural technologies under BARC AKRUTI Program (Dept. of Atomic Energy, Govt. of India), skill and entrepreneurship development at Panchayat level we seek to create grassroots cadre that can work with the Panchayat systems for development of the community.

Through the model of SNP, it will be able to generate income through its internal resources as provisioned in the Constitution of India, work towards becoming self-reliant and provide youths with job opportunities. This in turn will check distress migration and creation of slums in the cities. 

CFM through its flagship mission SwaNigamit Panchayat provides support for revenue generation and entrepreneurship opportunities by focussing on old wisdom of ‘health is wealth’.


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