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Under BARC AKRUTI (Advanced Knowledge & Rural Technology Implementation), CFM has demonstrated the usefulness of BARC technologies for rural sector leading to societal benefit. The program has potential to encourage village techno-preneurship based on BARC technologies.


Under SAGY, activities are being implemented by CFM in Jehanabad (Bihar) with financial support from district administration under MPLADS. The project components include construction of drainage system, safe drinking water, construction of Farmers Resource & Training Centre (CRTC) and Installation of Sanitary Napkin Manufacturing Unit.

Industrial Training

CFM has signed an MoU with Govt. Industrial Training Institute Khetri (Rajasthan) as the Training Provider (TP) under Project Ambuj Abha Stars 2.0 for Modular Employable Skill Development in four new courses including Auto/E-Rickshaw Driver and Technician, Solar Panel Installation Technician, Laser Cutting and 3-D Printing, and Computer Network Assistance


Commercial supply chain dynamics do not by themselves address the challenges of India's employment, productivity and quality of life issues at Community level. However, it is apparent that global trade in Farming and allied Sector can either exploit for unilateral gain or collaborate to "share gain" towards sustainable development goals (SDG).

Through scientific selection, meaningful employment, enabling partnerships (Public - Private- Panchayat) and harnessing technology, CFM seeks to create wealth for its stakeholders - Farmers and their families at the bottom of the supply chain across India.


Saansad Adarsh Gram Yojana

CFM has been implementing 60% of SAGY Guidelines under its projects Anhad Gram and Jaldhar. The learnings and experiences are translated towards implementation of SAGY in Jehanabad, Bihar.

Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana

Under Agri Skill Council of India CFM is skilling rurban youth and farmers in supply change management, agriculture extension volunteers, dairy farming and organic production systems.

Swachh Bharat Abhiyan

Toilets conventionally constructed in 15 days are made by CFM in only 4 hours using pre-fabricated ferro-concrete technology. This is CFM’s small contribution in the mammoth task of building over 12 crore toilets in India.



CFM is helping build Self Corporatised Panchayats, which can sustain their operations through their own earnings. So far we have enabled 300 panchayats across India to unlock their value.


Jaldhar involves Integrated Watershed, Waste Water Management, creation of micro irrigation design systems and mitigating heavy metals to provide clean drinking water to the villagers.

Anhad Gram

CFM has changed the lives of farmers in over 500 villages by teaching them modern organic agriculture methods, better practices in animal husbandry and by initiating several welfare projects.

Ambuj Abha Stars

Taking a step further into the ecosystem of Indian farmers, CFM now offers their children quality education under Ambuj Abha Stars (AAS) programmes that focus on experiential learning.



Sunlight, Water, Earthworms, Bees and Knowledge are the tools; all of them abundant in nature. Going back to the basics, CFM seeks to harness their power and work with small and marginalised farmers towards improving agriculture productivity and in the process create wealth for its communities.


The pillars that support our organisation
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Dr. Ashok Ghosh

CFM Advisor
Dr. Ghosh is Chairman, SEAC – BIHAR, Member, Bihar State Pollution Control Board, Professor In charge, Dept. of EWM, A.N.College, Patna. He advises CFM on assessment and implementation of arsenic and fluoride mitigation.
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Chief Agro Technologist
CFM Team
Naresh is an experienced soil chemist and is in charge of livelihood promotion based on sustainable agriculture; drought mitigation; diversion based irrigation systems; and integrated water management and sanitation.
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CFM Board
Saurav has been responsible for overall functioning of CFM since its inception. As Secretary, he serves as the bridge between the Board and project team. He also looks after fund raising, networking and implementation of ongoing projects.
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Sanjay Kumar

Associate Director, Projects
CFM Team
With 17 years of experience in working with Panchayati Raj Institutions, Sanjay is responsible for execution of Project Swa Nigamit Panchayat across CFM locations.
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Senior Marketing Communications Manager
CFM Team
Anu looks after Communications at CFM. For a decade she worked on the editorial board of various magazines. At CFM she takes care of all internal and external communications.
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Anurag Sharma

Manager (Admin)
CFM Team
Anurag looks after overall administration of CFM to ensure smooth functioning of head as well as local offices. He is the point of contact for all operations.
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Rahul Kumar Singh

Chief Project Coordinator, Surendernagar, Gujarat.
CFM Team
Rahul oversees CFM’s expansion in Gujarat and is responsible for execution of Project Anhad Gram Raska. His expertise is in ferro-concrete construction, which he puts to use in Swacch Bharat.

CFM has demonstrated at CSR project sites that by use of vermin compost, silicon and bee keeping, a farmer with small land holding can reduce 50% cost on input and 30-40% improvement in yield at an affordable cost/acre.

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